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I’m afraid
We are not in Narnia
Or in Neverland.
Our world is so real

That I couldn’t even
Have the courage
To tell you
How I love your eyes

When they’re staring
At the moon.
Or how I love your smile
When I could hear

The silent song of it.
I’d seen butterflies
Swaggering around you
On a moon-shadowed

Meadow. I’d seen
the nosy stars peering at you
Whenever you touch
the loveliest butterfly

On unhurried midnight.
I’d seen my wings
Bloom from my shoulder blades
In front of the mirror.

And in that reflection
I’d seen you slouching
On the loveseat, watching me
Loving my insecurities.

You smiled.
I traced your reflection
In the mirror, it’s all I’ve got
In this real world.

(for J.P.G.)



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Mt. Pico De Loro

there are places that
you can’t leave and famous times
that you dream to live.


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The First Fall

The winter nights
were colder
without him—
his breath thawing
my frozen heart.
I always knew,
that feeling wasn’t
as fleeting
as a summer love—
the shores remembered.
Or as momentary
as the spring break—
when I never
knew of heartbreaks.
Because when
I first fell in love,
I knew he is
my last.

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February 17, 2014 · 12:00 PM

The Nightmare

I had a dream last night,
It was you and me together.
You held me tight and you
never kept me out of sight.
And then I saw the light.
I had to wake up chasing
your shadow; your radiant
smile that wasn’t for me
cut me slowly
like a dull knife
which kept me bleeding.

I felt the heaven’s crying.

I had my yellow umbrella
And then she came
soaked by the rain.
You loved the rain.
I hated my umbrella,
I hated the rain,
I hated her, I hated you.
Sometimes, hating is
easier than loving.

(for bng)


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