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how can i forget

how can i forget
your smile that enraptures me
and my soul
deep through my bones
those stares that engulf me
into your ocean
and drown me with your mystery
like a dying fish in the estuary
i don’t know where i belong to
my telluric desires roil
like a river
whenever the sound of your voice
merges with the air i breathe
i have loved the wind that touches
your skin as it fondles mine too
the only contact we have
but like the air
who chose to stay on this planet
my love for you endures
unseen or unnoticed
waiting for you to be felt.


(Para Kay B.)


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I am floating now
feeling the wind
beneath me

where loneliness
caresses me
that is drowning

my jaded soul,
can you teach me
how to fly like an eagle

so I can follow
the sunset you’re
watching, to meet

you till twilight ends
so I can fly with you
and you can hold

my semblant hand
we can fly together
in my dreams of forever

and in my nightmares
you will never find
a lost balloon like me.

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