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Under The Table

I thought it was your leather
Chucks that beguiled me.
But when you smiled
and your braces added a little shine to it,
I found a world where you
and I could touch a star
in the middle of the night
when no one’s watching over us.
And every time I would try to catch one,
you would never let me do it myself.
Instead, you’ll stand on top of the table
so you’ll be taller, and you can snatch
the star for me,
while I’ll be waiting under that table
like a forgotten toy robot
who misses his best friend.
But that only made me realized
one thing—
even if I could stare at you all day
you will always be that distant star.
And sometimes
when you look back at me,
I would only realize how wide our universe is.
Like how our eyes discover
the faraway sun,
and how we feel its warmness
as it kisses our skins
even if it’s a thousand
miles away from us
I would still choose
to look at you.
I know that I can’t always choose
chocolates over heartaches
But I will never be afraid to touch
a star even if I know that someday
it might just explode and lose
every little things
I love about it
Until everyone forgets

about that table,

the floor,

the toy robot,

the lone stargazer,

the best friend.



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