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The Red Wolf

It was an odd and weird dream
I’ve never seen a wolf that close
With fiery eyes and direful howl
In the bloody woods I was lost

I tried to find my way out
But there’s only one route to go
Where you could hear the wolf’s footfall,
Seeing dancing shrubs in a row

I mooned at the bloody woods
And reveled in the quiet
I had seen no one but myself,
Needing a company as yet

It was a recurring dream
That drowned me like a deep gulf
Staring at my reflection,
I knew it’s me who killed the wolf.

red wolf


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Gleaming in the deep of the night
You’re the shiniest of them all,
Besieged by emulous stars.
I’ll be the saddest if you fall.
Your stunning world is unreachable
Like the fathomless ocean dividing us.
In England or in Narnia, I am unseen
Till the dawn turns me into dust.

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