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(When In Calaguas)

he has stars tattooed
all around his body—i
wonder if they burn


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sunday when I first
saw her hiding in your arms,
i hid on my own.


At Mt. Maynoba, Rizal (Philippines)



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wet dream

in your soppy world,
i want to be the wave who touches
the shoreline. 

Taal Lake

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You might want to drown me
But I will not die
Like a blossoming moss in your aquarium
I am immortalized
In every pages of your fast-
Flipping world
And twisted mind
I am written
And for centuries and days
That died
You had searched for me
In every human form
To watch me crawl
To scoff at me
Or to curse me
For being different
For falling in love
For being myself
You do not understand
How hard it is to live
Deep down the abyss
When you’re always hiding
When you don’t know
Where you belong to
You want my tears
To shroud your fears
Please watch the tides dance tonight
You might not see
The dribs in every crest
But you’ll know that
These are my tears
Who revel in their freedom
Because at least
The ocean accepts them.



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The Stare


A view from BenCab Museum, Baguio City

When you look at me
I don’t want you to see
how black my eyeballs are
or how many pores
I have on my cheeks.
I want you to see a virescent field
blooming with yellow flowers
under the cerulean sky
where kids can romp around
even when the rain
enjoys its endless pouring.
I want you to see a house
built on that meadow
with a wooden deck
where you can read poetry
while true sparrows can have
their nests on the roof.
And when you look at me deeper
and deeper
I want you to see me
inside that house
while I’m in the room
staring back at you.


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missing you

i miss you like the
sea missing the wind, the waves
that ne’er kiss the shore.


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Mt. Pico De Loro

there are places that
you can’t leave and famous times
that you dream to live.


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