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(When In Calaguas)

he has stars tattooed
all around his body—i
wonder if they burn


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A Wanderer

Waking up at Mt. Pico De Loro

Waking up at Mt. Pico De Loro

Maybe by tomorrow morning,
I would have forgotten about you;
How you live in my poems
And how I lost in my words.

Maybe by this midnight, I would
Have stopped dreaming about you.
So whenever I gaze at the night sky
I’ll see the moon and not your face.

Maybe later tonight when
I finish this poem and decide
To lie in my meadow, I would have
Remembered how to go home.


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Mt. Pico De Loro

there are places that
you can’t leave and famous times
that you dream to live.


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His Photograph

Every time I look at his photograph 
An album of memories—
Not in black and white, 
Full of colors, 
Full of joy—flashes like real 
Waves, it makes me feel alive. 
Every time I look at his photograph 
I remember his sunny or sullen face, 
His voice, 
His song 
But not his scent; for even 
A withered rose loses its own scent. 
Every time I look at his photograph 
I would hear my mom crying, 
Loud and sad. 
Full of emptiness, 
My heart desires to feel his presence. 
And every day I’m afraid for this to fade. 


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