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A Wanderer

Waking up at Mt. Pico De Loro

Waking up at Mt. Pico De Loro

Maybe by tomorrow morning,
I would have forgotten about you;
How you live in my poems
And how I lost in my words.

Maybe by this midnight, I would
Have stopped dreaming about you.
So whenever I gaze at the night sky
I’ll see the moon and not your face.

Maybe later tonight when
I finish this poem and decide
To lie in my meadow, I would have
Remembered how to go home.



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His Photograph

Every time I look at his photograph 
An album of memories—
Not in black and white, 
Full of colors, 
Full of joy—flashes like real 
Waves, it makes me feel alive. 
Every time I look at his photograph 
I remember his sunny or sullen face, 
His voice, 
His song 
But not his scent; for even 
A withered rose loses its own scent. 
Every time I look at his photograph 
I would hear my mom crying, 
Loud and sad. 
Full of emptiness, 
My heart desires to feel his presence. 
And every day I’m afraid for this to fade. 


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Love Like A Photograph

They say that we’re inseparable
That I was born to be with you
To protect and guard you with life
To stay with you forever.

They say that we look good together
And I hate the word “together”
When we are so close yet so far
To never see each other that much.

I’m sorry for making you feel frail
As it’s the only way to keep you safe
To let you see the world better
I’d rather break myself and suffer.

I want you to be my partner
In every color of this musty wall
In every drama of this moody room
In every corner of my moony world.

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