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The Midnight Song

We watched the waves at night as though they’re ours,
I dread the ascent of the brightest star.
The buzz of mirthful children playing cars,
It gives my forlorn nights the coldest fire.

The gloomy moon would grin to join me sing
The saddest carol he could never hear,
The gleeful cry to see him kissed his ring;
The nights were fonder with my only dear.

To hear the creaks of bed when he was gone,
On couch, I dreamt he was my gallant groom,
He’s mine until the midnight cold and dawn:
But now, his wife and tykes do need him home.
Alone with guilt, I cannot set the beat,
Like rocks and stones, forgetting how to breathe.


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After tonight I realized
my feelings are real
I have loved you
ever since I first
saw those sultry eyes
that reminded me
of my favorite star.
The star that shines
so bright in a dark room.
You did.
And you can’t still see me.
I am always here.
But you won’t find me.
Tonight is lonely.
Tonight is lovely.
Tonight I hear the angels
sing their song.
A sad song. A lullaby.
It makes me sleep.
I want you in my dreams, tonight.
Dreams do come true, they say.

(for M.J.)

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