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You might want to drown me
But I will not die
Like a blossoming moss in your aquarium
I am immortalized
In every pages of your fast-
Flipping world
And twisted mind
I am written
And for centuries and days
That died
You had searched for me
In every human form
To watch me crawl
To scoff at me
Or to curse me
For being different
For falling in love
For being myself
You do not understand
How hard it is to live
Deep down the abyss
When you’re always hiding
When you don’t know
Where you belong to
You want my tears
To shroud your fears
Please watch the tides dance tonight
You might not see
The dribs in every crest
But you’ll know that
These are my tears
Who revel in their freedom
Because at least
The ocean accepts them.




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The Antique

The lustrous paper turned puce
Like an ebony smeared with gore
These are the fading memories, when
Lens and light were only spectators;
While the antique became a treasure,
Forgetting was never easy.

The red ink painted that old picture
Of lovers on their innocence,
On a romance that all of them
Wants to forget; and when
Only one heart thinks back
Forgetting must be a blessing.

On the musty wall hanged
The old framed picture where great
Grandpa looks every day–with an
Echoing cough on a rocking chair,
The beaming smiles of two boys
In the photograph are contagious.

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