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The One With A Bookmark

I need the coldness of the night to keep you warm,
to remind you that the most beautiful things
are those found in the middle of the night—
when darkness savors light.
I need a bookmark so you can always find me
wherever you left me—on the days that your mind
lost the memory of us, on the nights
when the light bulb stopped working.
I am the only book standing on your shelf,
and you are the words inside of me.
Lucid and lovely, the words that make up
the story, yet it’s not a love story.
Instead, you have your favorite book sitting
on the bedstand. The one with a title—
etched on its hardbark cover. The one with verses
you even memorized. The one with a bookmark.
I never envy that book but the story it breathes,
like how you share a pancake and tea on a sunlit morning,
the grinning of people when they see lovebirds kissing—
that familiar smile my face had long forgotten.


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a face of silence

silence is when you
hear the wind whispers
leaves rustling
laughter from afar
you are alone
missing someone
from the opposite side
of the history
love and tragedy
you are a battery
that nobody needs now
because a battery
that is stale and over used
is still a battery
you lived with flattery
he used to tell you that
you were the most beautiful
person he’d ever met
and that his love for you is forever
of course you believed him
and you’re only left with a fever
you don’t deserve
silence kills
the music lost its beat
noise is a friend now
the horns and growls
and from the street
you look at people
at strangers
as if you used
to love them
with teary eyes
a pale face
because you only see
one face.


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The Nightmare

I had a dream last night,
It was you and me together.
You held me tight and you
never kept me out of sight.
And then I saw the light.
I had to wake up chasing
your shadow; your radiant
smile that wasn’t for me
cut me slowly
like a dull knife
which kept me bleeding.

I felt the heaven’s crying.

I had my yellow umbrella
And then she came
soaked by the rain.
You loved the rain.
I hated my umbrella,
I hated the rain,
I hated her, I hated you.
Sometimes, hating is
easier than loving.

(for bng)


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when i cannot have you back

let the rain fall
for my weeping
to stay covert.
or take me under the sea
so you will not see
the tears, slipping
through my eyes,
the grimace
that floods my face,
the love i should
never feel for you.
now drown me.
you must be enjoying it.
do you still hear
your name?
you must not
stop until
you hear no beats.

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The Midnight Song

We watched the waves at night as though they’re ours,
I dread the ascent of the brightest star.
The buzz of mirthful children playing cars,
It gives my forlorn nights the coldest fire.

The gloomy moon would grin to join me sing
The saddest carol he could never hear,
The gleeful cry to see him kissed his ring;
The nights were fonder with my only dear.

To hear the creaks of bed when he was gone,
On couch, I dreamt he was my gallant groom,
He’s mine until the midnight cold and dawn:
But now, his wife and tykes do need him home.
Alone with guilt, I cannot set the beat,
Like rocks and stones, forgetting how to breathe.

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Love Like A Photograph

They say that we’re inseparable
That I was born to be with you
To protect and guard you with life
To stay with you forever.

They say that we look good together
And I hate the word “together”
When we are so close yet so far
To never see each other that much.

I’m sorry for making you feel frail
As it’s the only way to keep you safe
To let you see the world better
I’d rather break myself and suffer.

I want you to be my partner
In every color of this musty wall
In every drama of this moody room
In every corner of my moony world.

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To The Girl Who Broke My Heart

You’re a true beauty. You don’t
have to do anything for men to
like you. You’re a natural woman
with a presence glittering in the

dazzling sunlight. And in the glow
of the moon, you’re a diamond
that does not blind anyone. It was
too easy for you to make me smile.

We were one joy and you shared my
sadness. And I was always grateful
because we became friends. I enjoyed
every moment with you. Be it in the

library or in the bar, we found the
music that makes us laugh or cry.
But everything changes and there are
things that we choose over friendship.

I have missed you but I hated you
more. You’re lovelier now and it’s
making me the loneliest person on
earth. You broke my heart in little

bitty pieces. When you’re together it
was like I’m shot by a gun four times the
pain. Why did it happen to us? How
did we fall in love with the same man?

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