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Someone Will Come


Sunset at the Ranger Station, Mt. Pulag, Benguet

In the city of fireflies
I would not be afraid to lose
My lamplight or my wings
Because I know that
Someone will come
To find me
Even in my darkest day
And ugliest moment
Someone will come
To show me
That lovely, sweeping paradise
The undulating drifts of sakura
While rivers sing their ballad
Someone will come
To make me feel
Like I’m one of the stratus
Clouds floating freely
In the vast sky
Someone will come
Just before I cut my wings
And throw my lamplight—
This is how I want to fall in love.



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beyond the door


before you came
to illumine this chamber
it’s only a door
that my eyes could espy
a door made of plate-glass
its brittleness
always reminds me of
my shattered heart
now i see a world
behind that door
its beauty, its life
its meaning
a world where
you and i
could waltz with fire
as the door opens
as i close my eyes
and see no stars
i know the nights
will be biting and darker
but i’ll be braver now
to watch the door
dance with you
i’ll always be here waiting
’til you look around
and see my world

(for B.D.)



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I Can Be A Raspberry

If you want a strawberry
I can be a raspberry
You’re a dashing blackberry
Craving the sweetest strawberry
If you want a blueberry
I can be a raspberry
Like the blue moon
You’ll never see me
Sweet or sour
I can never taste it
Nor feel it
Make me lonely and be merry
Hello Miss Strawberry

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