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Gleaming in the deep of the night
You’re the shiniest of them all,
Besieged by emulous stars.
I’ll be the saddest if you fall.
Your stunning world is unreachable
Like the fathomless ocean dividing us.
In England or in Narnia, I am unseen
Till the dawn turns me into dust.

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The Real Story

I often thought
I was a princess
In my past life
Living in a castle
Wearing a lustery tiara
Settled in England
Where all gowns
Has a great story
But that wasn’t my story.

Instead, I was from
The legion’s camp where
Soldiers have to protect their
Princess I always wanted to be
When Romans reigned
And terrors came
Heroes were born
So did I…
This was a better story.

But stories are made
Of memoirs and fancies
Like the history of ivory
Don’t have to be a princess
To win a heart
Don’t have to be a soldier
To win a battle
Loving yourself is a long journey
And this is my real story.

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