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His Photograph

Every time I look at his photograph 
An album of memories—
Not in black and white, 
Full of colors, 
Full of joy—flashes like real 
Waves, it makes me feel alive. 
Every time I look at his photograph 
I remember his sunny or sullen face, 
His voice, 
His song 
But not his scent; for even 
A withered rose loses its own scent. 
Every time I look at his photograph 
I would hear my mom crying, 
Loud and sad. 
Full of emptiness, 
My heart desires to feel his presence. 
And every day I’m afraid for this to fade. 


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Now, I never hear
the cicadas sing. Momma
would turn that radio on –
That’s her kind of silence.
No snores. No smell of liquor
in the room. No one
to call her dear.

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The Red Wolf

It was an odd and weird dream
I’ve never seen a wolf that close
With fiery eyes and direful howl
In the bloody woods I was lost

I tried to find my way out
But there’s only one route to go
Where you could hear the wolf’s footfall,
Seeing dancing shrubs in a row

I mooned at the bloody woods
And reveled in the quiet
I had seen no one but myself,
Needing a company as yet

It was a recurring dream
That drowned me like a deep gulf
Staring at my reflection,
I knew it’s me who killed the wolf.

red wolf

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