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beyond the door


before you came
to illumine this chamber
it’s only a door
that my eyes could espy
a door made of plate-glass
its brittleness
always reminds me of
my shattered heart
now i see a world
behind that door
its beauty, its life
its meaning
a world where
you and i
could waltz with fire
as the door opens
as i close my eyes
and see no stars
i know the nights
will be biting and darker
but i’ll be braver now
to watch the door
dance with you
i’ll always be here waiting
’til you look around
and see my world

(for B.D.)




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the soothing cadence
of your coarse voice when you say
hello, i’m dreaming.


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If I’m not looking at you
It doesn’t mean I don’t see you
If I’m not smiling
Whenever I see you
It doesn’t mean I’m not tickled
By your presence, watching over you
My heart flutters verily
Every time our eyes met
Pounding when I hear your voice
Your laugh the wind whispers on me
It heals my broken heart
That pumped tears
When you look at her
But I am still grateful
It’s beating because of you…

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