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how can i forget

how can i forget
your smile that enraptures me
and my soul
deep through my bones
those stares that engulf me
into your ocean
and drown me with your mystery
like a dying fish in the estuary
i don’t know where i belong to
my telluric desires roil
like a river
whenever the sound of your voice
merges with the air i breathe
i have loved the wind that touches
your skin as it fondles mine too
the only contact we have
but like the air
who chose to stay on this planet
my love for you endures
unseen or unnoticed
waiting for you to be felt.


(Para Kay B.)


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beyond the door


before you came
to illumine this chamber
it’s only a door
that my eyes could espy
a door made of plate-glass
its brittleness
always reminds me of
my shattered heart
now i see a world
behind that door
its beauty, its life
its meaning
a world where
you and i
could waltz with fire
as the door opens
as i close my eyes
and see no stars
i know the nights
will be biting and darker
but i’ll be braver now
to watch the door
dance with you
i’ll always be here waiting
’til you look around
and see my world

(for B.D.)



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A Whole New Universe

Falling in love
is like finding a whole new universe;
a universe that for once
I never knew exists.
Seeing you for the first time
gave a full shake to my sleeping universe.
I felt the clouds and planets inside
wheeled with fireworks
like kids enjoying the disco lights
for the first time.
The stars are bursting with joy
when you smile.
And whenever I hear your loud,
squeaky voice,
the planets would want to sleep
like babies enjoying
the sweetest sound of a lullaby.
Your universe,
I want to know more about it.
Like when you look at me
with your sultry eyes, I want to know
what my universe would feel.
When you kiss me
with your graceful lips, I want to know
how many times would the mad meteors rush
and shower inside my body.
And when you touch me, I want you to feel
the slightest magic my stars can bring.
I long to feel your universe.
But you would never look at me.
You would not even think about kissing me.
Falling in love
is like finding a whole new universe;
a universe that we can’t always have.

(for e.v.d.)


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The Antique

The lustrous paper turned puce
Like an ebony smeared with gore
These are the fading memories, when
Lens and light were only spectators;
While the antique became a treasure,
Forgetting was never easy.

The red ink painted that old picture
Of lovers on their innocence,
On a romance that all of them
Wants to forget; and when
Only one heart thinks back
Forgetting must be a blessing.

On the musty wall hanged
The old framed picture where great
Grandpa looks every day–with an
Echoing cough on a rocking chair,
The beaming smiles of two boys
In the photograph are contagious.

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To The Girl Who Broke My Heart

You’re a true beauty. You don’t
have to do anything for men to
like you. You’re a natural woman
with a presence glittering in the

dazzling sunlight. And in the glow
of the moon, you’re a diamond
that does not blind anyone. It was
too easy for you to make me smile.

We were one joy and you shared my
sadness. And I was always grateful
because we became friends. I enjoyed
every moment with you. Be it in the

library or in the bar, we found the
music that makes us laugh or cry.
But everything changes and there are
things that we choose over friendship.

I have missed you but I hated you
more. You’re lovelier now and it’s
making me the loneliest person on
earth. You broke my heart in little

bitty pieces. When you’re together it
was like I’m shot by a gun four times the
pain. Why did it happen to us? How
did we fall in love with the same man?

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The Real Story

I often thought
I was a princess
In my past life
Living in a castle
Wearing a lustery tiara
Settled in England
Where all gowns
Has a great story
But that wasn’t my story.

Instead, I was from
The legion’s camp where
Soldiers have to protect their
Princess I always wanted to be
When Romans reigned
And terrors came
Heroes were born
So did I…
This was a better story.

But stories are made
Of memoirs and fancies
Like the history of ivory
Don’t have to be a princess
To win a heart
Don’t have to be a soldier
To win a battle
Loving yourself is a long journey
And this is my real story.

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