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Broken Hearts

You’d surprised me
with your heartbreak poems.
I felt the pain in every
shouting words
you strung
so tightly
for they can’t breathe.
Perhaps, it’s killing them.
But they made me feel alive
I dreamt of seeing you again
at your favorite coffee shop
and you would start gazing at me.
I’ll put down the book I’m reading.
You’ll probably order me a cup of coffee
that would sit on our table for hours—
because it’ll enjoy our sad stories.
We’ll talk about your mushy poems.
I’ll listen very carefully
like I really care about your heartache.
You can cry on my shoulder
and I’ll remember those forlorn days
when I cried for you.
I’ll probably ask you
why did you let her break your heart
when there is someone
right beside you
who’d always wanted
to take good care of it.
But that cup of coffee is not real.
Even the coffee shop doesn’t exist
like your love for me.



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ugly love

there’s a fetching face
in my head, there’s a sour
smile on my face.

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For My October and Forever

This morning of September
When I woke up
I felt the crisp of the wind
Touching my toes and my face
For they are naked
And they longed to be touched
I don’t know where you’ve been
Last night
Or how many necks you’d tickled
With your rough-hewn stubble
With your soft lies
I had let you entered the walls
Of my room
Just because you always knew
You’re invited
To disrobe my innocence
To let me feel the world
In your selfish point of view
And when I threw my blanket
On the floor
Which of course
You would never notice
I was ready to see the world
I was ready to fly with you
Then suddenly you fumbled
toward the window
Without me
It felt colder
As rapid as the breeze
In a stormy morn
I fell in love
And you fell out of love
That easy
I gave my everything to you
That easy
And it felt like some parts of me
Are missing
As if you would carry them with you
But I couldn’t follow you
Because you left me with nothing on
You left me waiting
And waiting
and waiting
It felt like forever
For that someone
Who’ll dress me up
Before showing me the world
But I’ll still be waiting.


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Gleaming in the deep of the night
You’re the shiniest of them all,
Besieged by emulous stars.
I’ll be the saddest if you fall.
Your stunning world is unreachable
Like the fathomless ocean dividing us.
In England or in Narnia, I am unseen
Till the dawn turns me into dust.

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To The Girl Who Broke My Heart

You’re a true beauty. You don’t
have to do anything for men to
like you. You’re a natural woman
with a presence glittering in the

dazzling sunlight. And in the glow
of the moon, you’re a diamond
that does not blind anyone. It was
too easy for you to make me smile.

We were one joy and you shared my
sadness. And I was always grateful
because we became friends. I enjoyed
every moment with you. Be it in the

library or in the bar, we found the
music that makes us laugh or cry.
But everything changes and there are
things that we choose over friendship.

I have missed you but I hated you
more. You’re lovelier now and it’s
making me the loneliest person on
earth. You broke my heart in little

bitty pieces. When you’re together it
was like I’m shot by a gun four times the
pain. Why did it happen to us? How
did we fall in love with the same man?

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The Spectator

You sing the most beautiful
song I’ve ever heard,
a pitch-perfect serenade
only a loving heart can hear.
The melody tells me
we belong together.
I feel your heartbeats
in every rhythm.
In every note
such a deep peace,
In my head
your voice lingers
You are my harmony
and she’s so lucky.
You’re singing
a song for her.

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With A Smile

Your radiant smile
made me forget about his
sultry eyes. But why is it
harder to forget your smile?

Your smile defines my world.
My smile depends on your smile.
But you always find it easier
to make her smile.

Her smile makes her more beautiful.
Your smile is lovelier now.
Yours is enduring.
My smile is forgotten.

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