ugly love

there’s a fetching face
in my head, there’s a sour
smile on my face.


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For My October and Forever

This morning of September
When I woke up
I felt the crisp of the wind
Touching my toes and my face
For they are naked
And they longed to be touched
I don’t know where you’ve been
Last night
Or how many necks you’d tickled
With your rough-hewn stubble
With your soft lies
I had let you entered the walls
Of my room
Just because you always knew
You’re invited
To disrobe my innocence
To let me feel the world
In your selfish point of view
And when I threw my blanket 

On the floor
Which of course
You would never notice
I was ready to see the world
I was ready to fly with you
Then suddenly you fumbled
toward the window
Without me
It felt colder
As rapid as the breeze
In a stormy morn
I fell in love
And you fell out of love
That easy
I gave my everything to you
That easy
And it felt like some parts of me
Are missing
As if you would carry them with you
But I couldn’t follow you
Because you left me with nothing on
You left me waiting
And waiting
and waiting
It felt like forever
For that someone
Who’ll dress me up
Before showing me the world
But I’ll still be waiting.


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You might want to drown me
But I will not die
Like a blossoming moss in your aquarium
I am immortalized
In every pages of your fast-
Flipping world
And twisted mind
I am written
And for centuries and days
That died
You had searched for me
In every human form
To watch me crawl
To scoff at me
Or to curse me
For being different
For falling in love
For being myself
You do not understand
How hard it is to live
Deep down the abyss
When you’re always hiding
When you don’t know
Where you belong to
You want my tears
To shroud your fears
Please watch the tides dance tonight
You might not see
The dribs in every crest
But you’ll know that
These are my tears
Who revel in their freedom
Because at least
The ocean accepts them.



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A view from Mt. Batulao

So they asked me why I did fall in love with you. I told them about my wonderland, and that moment when I first tried to fly and realized that I don’t have wings. You were there to catch me. You were there to tell me that I don’t need those wings. And I believed you. 

But why does it feel like flying whenever I’m with you? Or why do I know that it’s flying?


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something is kissing
the moon; someone forgets his
promise and my wish.

*Read the full story.

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the brumous sky
starts to cry–i wonder
if you could hear my lullaby.

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The Stare


A view from BenCab Museum, Baguio City

When you look at me
I don’t want you to see
how black my eyeballs are
or how many pores
I have on my cheeks.
I want you to see a virescent field
blooming with yellow flowers
under the cerulean sky
where kids can romp around
even when the rain
enjoys pouring.
I want you to see a house
built on that meadow
with a wooden deck
where you can read poetry
while true sparrows can have
their nests on the roof.
And when you look at me deeper
and deeper
I want you to see me
inside that house
while I’m in the room
staring back at you.


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