Love Through My Senses

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Anawangin Cove, Zambales

It’s when you hear the ocean when you put a seashell up to your ear. Until that day when you realized that your hands alone can do the trick. But you still choose to hold his hands even if you know that you’ll be missing the most beautiful song in the world.

It’s when you crave pizza and all the stores near you are closed. You decided to make your own improvised sandwich at home. And in that moment, you’ll realize how many simple things you’ve ignored in life. That usually the most precious things in the world, the secret ingredients of happiness, stay right in the corners of our cribs.

It’s like having your first pair of eye glasses, and you finally realized how blurry your world was before. Before you met him.

It’s when you learn to accept that your books need creases on their spines. You grew tired of wrapping them with plastic covers. And that’s when you understand them better.

It’s like loving the smell of paint on a newly-painted room, reminding you of your lost childhood memories. You’ll be looking forward to sniff that kind of smell in all places. Yet no other rooms in the world will ever hold that scent again. Even his shirt.

When falling in love, my friend, don’t lose your senses. Always listen to your ocean. When in doubt, remember that you can always taste the water before plunging into its blurry vastness, into the deep end. But in case you got hurt, love your scars for they can teach you real things. Things your favorite book hid from you. Forget about your favorite character and stop sniffing around for clues and patterns. You deserve to find the unexpected.  ♡ ♡ ♡

This is my anniversary post! Thank you for your continuous support dear friends.

 *This is my anniversary post!  Thank you for your continuous support dear friends. Here’s a link to my first post


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6 responses to “Love Through My Senses

  1. This creates a very beautiful picture in my mind. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of writing. Hats off to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw. Thank you so much 🙂


  3. Fantastic in so many ways. Always impressed by your use of words. Everything you write feels fresh, new, and unexpected.


  4. The kind words you spoke were priceless. I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement and inspiration you have given me. But still, thank you (:


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