A Whole New Universe

Falling in love
is like finding a whole new universe;
a universe that for once
I never knew exists.
Seeing you for the first time
gave a full shake to my sleeping universe.
I felt the clouds and planets inside
wheeled with fireworks
like kids enjoying the disco lights
for the first time.
The stars are bursting with joy
when you smile.
And whenever I hear your loud,
squeaky voice,
the planets would want to sleep
like babies enjoying
the sweetest sound of a lullaby.
Your universe,
I want to know more about it.
Like when you look at me
with your sultry eyes, I want to know
what my universe would feel.
When you kiss me
with your graceful lips, I want to know
how many times would the mad meteors rush
and shower inside my body.
And when you touch me, I want you to feel
the slightest magic my stars can bring.
I long to feel your universe.
But you would never look at me.
You would not even think about kissing me.
Falling in love
is like finding a whole new universe;
a universe that we can’t always have.

(for e.v.d.)



Filed under Love Poems

7 responses to “A Whole New Universe

  1. haddyism

    Falling in love… What a lovely sentiment. I don’t even believe in it anymore, but I do love how you described it. Well until the end because thats usually how it ends before it even begins, sadly enough


  2. This is like food for the eyes. I love how you use the idea of the universe for a metaphor for so much more. And I loved the concept of the the “sleeping universe” waking in a new way.


  3. This welled me up. LOVE it!! ❤


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