To You, My Dear Mountaineer


Mt. Batulao

Here I am writing about
my story again.
Would it be nice if this
turns out to be our story?
Or a love story
that started when
we both realized
that the mountains are splendid
creations of God.
They will tell you
that life has more ups
than downs—
and it’s always the happiest
when you were climbing
and trying.
Because when you’re already
on the summit of all you’ve
been dreaming to reach,
somehow you’ll worry
about getting down.
But I am more worried on
not seeing you again,
when we forget about
the mountains
and the memories
only the trees will remember
I’ve been thinking about you
every day and every song
I listen to
reminds me of you.
But it’s your voice
that I want to hear
the whole day.
I cannot climb you
like a mountain,
let alone touch you.
For the mountain never
grow tired of kissing the sun,
I’ll be more patient
waiting for my star
to find me.



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