All things forgotten
are meant to be remembered
by the heart, the beautiful
and sad.
Like from the moment
I first saw you
and heard you whisper
that song
only my heart could grasp,
I knew life is about
falling in love.
I wanted to be with you
and talk to you
about love and friendship.
I wanted to marry you someday,
spend my days holding your hand,
stay with you each night
while your feet touches mine,
and love the mornings when
I could rest my head on your chest.
A dogging dream,
as I recall it.
It felt like an all-out freedom
to finally wake up from that.
Slowly, I started forgetting
about every song you whispered,
all those smiles you never returned,
and that kind of stares
I only saw in dreams.
Then, one day
I saw your face again
with all the memories flashing back.
It’s more painful. I should have
never seen you again.
Let alone in this state,
in this place.
I was riveted by your
sad, closed eyes,
by the scent of black coffee,
by the tears of your widowed wife.


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