Despair in Driblets

“I watch you fall,
Free as the wind,
Glaring as the sun.
Swift as the waves,
You made me fall in love.
Even if I know that love
Is not a word between us,
Nor a feeling we shared.
All I know is that someone
Is already waiting for you,
Ready to catch you,
Athirst for your touch”
“It’s more than just a freedom,
To finally touch you
The heat we share,
I’ve never dreamt about it
But tonight it feels
Like a dream come true.
I’ve never searched for you,
But you found me
In my deepest longing
For a love that knows no rules
Even if the stars hurl fires
I will never leave you.”
“If waiting for you
Means you loving me in return
I’ll never get tired of it.
But we’re in a different world.
We can never have a summer
Love that will last ‘till winter;
A story written on an ember
That any river won’t remember.
Let us forget this nightmare,
A love that doesn’t know forever.
Oh here comes another raindrop!
Move fast.”


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