Remember the first time
our eyes met
the stare that melts
the gaze that made my heart
hammered in my steady chest.
And suddenly all the noises
from the street became a music to me,
you’re singing my song,
painting my childhood dream
and writing our love story.
I was fascinated by the idea
that someone I’d been searching for
had found me.
We watched movies
with images of us in the future,
read books to witness
how perfect we are together.
I remember you kissing me
in my forehead
after telling me your secret.
Like the sun, resting on the sea,
that soon disappeared,
I hate saying goodbye.
Remember when you told me
you’re leaving,
I wanted to believe you’re just lying
even if I knew that you’re the most
honest person I’d ever met.
Now all I can do is squeeze
my eyes tightly,
forget the darkness I see.
Remember our story
because all I have now
is the memories of us.


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