The One With A Bookmark

I need the coldness of the night to keep you warm,
to remind you that the most beautiful things
are those found in the middle of the night—
when darkness savors light.
I need a bookmark so you can always find me
wherever you left me—on the days that your mind
lost the memory of us, on the nights
when the light bulb stopped working.
I am the only book standing on your shelf,
and you are the words inside of me.
Lucid and lovely, the words that make up
the story, yet it’s not a love story.
Instead, you have your favorite book sitting
on the bedstand. The one with a title—
etched on its hardbark cover. The one with verses
you even memorized. The one with a bookmark.
I never envy that book but the story it breathes,
like how you share a pancake and tea on a sunlit morning,
the grinning of people when they see lovebirds kissing—
that familiar smile my face had long forgotten.


Filed under Love Poems

2 responses to “The One With A Bookmark

  1. ahh so well written, my heart melts! kudos to the briiliant poet in you! wishing you nothing but the best..keep the ink flowing 🙂


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