a face of silence

silence is when you
hear the wind whispers
leaves rustling
laughter from afar
you are alone
missing someone
from the opposite side
of the history
love and tragedy
you are a battery
that nobody needs now
because a battery
that is stale and over used
is still a battery
you lived with flattery
he used to tell you that
you were the most beautiful
person he’d ever met
and that his love for you is forever
of course you believed him
and you’re only left with a fever
you don’t deserve
silence kills
the music lost its beat
noise is a friend now
the horns and growls
and from the street
you look at people
at strangers
as if you used
to love them
with teary eyes
a pale face
because you only see
one face.



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3 responses to “a face of silence

  1. This hit home..achingly beautiful and well written, Lex. May anyone who ever had to go through such an experience know how it is to feel truly loved!


  2. Fantastic: “missing someone / from the opposite side / of the history”.

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